After deciding that university was not for him, Alex Gibson (22) is thriving as an Engineering ModernApprentice at Plexus in Kelso. 
Leaving school with three A Levels Alex had decided to go to the University of York to study
theoretical physics in 2020.  However, after a year and a half he decided that the remote learning
aspect and his courses content did not suit him.  He managed to get work in hospitality and retail for
the next year but he still had ambitions of building a career.   
He applied for a Modern Apprentice position at Plexus, a global leader in product development and
electronics, with offices in Kelso. 
He said: “The experience at Plexus has been fantastic.  I am there three days a week training on the
job and spend two days at Edinburgh College doing my SVQ.  I am able to earn a good wage while I
develop my skills and Plexus are a great company to work for.  I had considered doing an
apprenticeship while still at school but did not take it any further.  I am so glad I took the position
with Plexus as I am learning so much in my chosen field of electronics.  My aim is to be a qualified
engineer within the next few years when I complete my HNC in Engineering.  I would recommend
anyone to look seriously at a Modern Apprenticeship as university is not for everybody.”