About Us

Welcome to the Borders Technical Training Association

Established in 1967 the Borders Technical Training Association (BTTA), formerly Border Engineering Training Association, aims to help employers in the Scottish Borders recruit, train and inspire apprentices and improve the technical knowledge and skills of the existing workforces.

We do this by offering advice, support and guidance to employers on the best way to attract, train and retain apprentice talent.

Apprenticeships are vital for employers looking to maintain a competitive edge and drive future growth. Market research by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) found that over 80% of companies who employ apprentices believe they make the workplace more productive, moreover 88% of employers feel they lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

BTTA offers four levels of service:

What is an apprenticeship?

It is a job which combines structured training with practical skills learning so that apprentices can earn while they learn and gain nationally recognised qualifications at the same time. They take between one and four years to complete depending on the job role and industry sector. In the UK over 100,000 employers in more than 160,000 workplaces currently have apprentices.

Key Benefits of Apprenticeships: