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Modern Apprenticeships

The Scottish Government offers a suite of National Training Programmes (NTP) and the Modern Apprenticeship (MA) is one of these training programmes.

Modern Apprenticeships are aimed at those aged 16 or over and capable of achieving a vocational qualification (VQ) at Level Two or above. The programme can be used to train existing employees or new employees. Any company in Scotland – whatever its size – can take part in the programme.

The Modern Apprenticeship receives a contribution towards the training costs from Skills Development Scotland (SDS) to those organisations who meet the rules and regulations set out by the Scottish Government. BTTA is an organisation that meets these stringent rules and regulations set out by Skills Development Scotland and is audited on a regular basis by ENGINUITY (Formerly SEMTA, the Sector Skill Council), Lead bodies; EAL and Skills Development Scotland. to ensure standards are being met and adhered to.

National Minimum Wage

Most companies employing apprentices will pay in excess of the national minimum wage with a starting salary of around 47.5% of the Qualified Engineer’s Salary. This salary will increase each year taking the apprentice up to the Qualified Engineers Salary once qualifying themselves (usually 4 years).

However, there are national guidelines laid down by the Government for companies to follow under the National Minimum Wage (NWM):

There are different levels of NMW, depending on your age and whether you are an apprentice.

For full details visit National Minimum Wage here

What do Modern Apprenticeships offer?

As a Modern Apprentice you will be employed from the very start of your training and receive a wage from your employer. You will then be given the chance to develop expertise and knowledge through on-the-job training as well as gaining vital skills such as team work and problem solving. A recent independent evaluation showed that the main reasons for people becoming a Modern Apprentice included the attraction of a job with training, the opportunity to gain a qualification and the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge and experience. There is also the security of knowing that your progress is being monitored and supported by your employer and your training company and that you are working towards a nationally recognised qualification. Modern Apprentices tend to have an improved ability to do their job, improved communication, team working skills and increased likelihood of future training activities and career advancement.

The 1st year apprentice programme is carried out in an off the job environment consisting of up to 36 weeks at a suitable further education college. Here the apprentices study for their Scottish Vocational Qualification in Performing Engineering Operations (PEO) at level 2 and at the same time for their National Certificate, which is their underpinning knowledge part of the MA.

On completion of their first year the apprentice progresses onto their level 3 vocational qualification, which allows them to specialise in the area which meets the company’s needs which is most beneficial to the company the apprentice works at. This course of study is classified as “on the job training” where a qualified person in the organisation acts as their mentor and some times their assessor.