Makeover for Borders Training Association

Border Engineering Training Association (BETA) has been renamed Borders Technical Training Association (BTTA) with effect from 1 September. To coincide with the change, the organisation also has a new website and logo.

Founded in 1967 by ten local engineering companies the organisation’s purpose is to provide technical and engineering training services in the Borders.  BTTA offers approved support, assessment and verification for Modern Apprenticeships in Engineering as well as a range of courses in technical and business subjects.

The organisation is led by Russell Coleman who was appointed group training manager in October 2022.  He originally trained as a marine and mechanical engineer with the Royal Navy.  He has gone on to successfully hold senior management and training roles in various engineering training organisations both in the UK and Middle East over the past 32 years.  He is passionate about training and education and wants to encourage more young people to consider a career in engineering.   He has gained a wealth of experience over the years, educating and training apprentices whilst working for other training providers both in Scotland and England. 

Russell said: “We have changed our name to reflect the fact that the training we provide is much broader than just engineering.  There is a huge need for skilled employees in the UK and we need to encourage more young people to consider becoming apprentices.  Not only do they get practical experience and pay, but they also gain a recognised qualification at the end of their training.  The university route is not for everyone, with some graduates ‘dropping out’ with many of the remaining graduates finishing university with large debts and failing to get a job/career in their chosen field.  In fact, the Prime Minster has recently said that apprenticeships are key to the UK future economic growth.”

Russell added: “We are in regular contact with local employers to see how we can support them with their apprentice recruitment and training needs. In fact, this year we have assisted in recruiting 17 apprentices across the Scottish Borders, a fantastic achievement especially when government funding has become so hard to secure,”

During the coming months BTTA will be visiting school career fairs in various Border towns to explain how apprenticeships work and how to apply.  For further details please contact BTTA at or call 07502 413700.