BTTA Introduce ‘Mobile Training Rigs’

BTTA have recently introduced mobile training boards to allow training to be delivered in any location. For more information and to book a course please contact Russell Coleman at

Power Circuitry:
Our power circuit boards enables training to be carried out on ring main, radial and fused spur circuits. The learner will be taught the safe methods of; wiring the above circuits, stripping cables, reading and understanding wiring diagrams, carrying out fault diagnosis, using the correct fuse ratings, etc.

Lighting circuitry:
Our lighting boards allows the learner to be trained in the following; reading and understanding basic wiring diagrams, cable identification and preparation, wiring of simple
lighting circuits (one-way, two-way, two-way and intermediate), fault diagnosis.

Coming soon
In addition, the following training rigs are currently being developed and will be available

Very soon:
• Motor control – single phase 240V and 3phase 400V
• Relay and control circuits